Dr. Gregor Berz
Managing Director

Dr. Gregor Berz

  • Undergraduate and PhD degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Augsburg, PhD

  • PhD Scholarship of the German Science Foundation (DFG), Graduate School at the University of Augsburg; „Control and Optimisation of Dynamic Systems“

  • Classic consuting carreer with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting up to "Manager" level with focus on group controlling, group consolidation, balanced scorecard und value based management

  • Establishment of a busines consultancy that specialises in the application of game theoretic methods to sales and procurement
  • Founder of the Institute for Applied Mechanism Design (IFAMD) GmbH
  • Expert for pricing and reverse pricing, temporarily at the service of Arthur D. Little and BBDO (Batten & Company)
  • Managing Director of the associated company Processbench GmbH with product analycess procurement - software for price-regression-analysis
  • Member of Institute of SocioEconomics (ISE Munich)

Publications about game theory:
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