IFAMD Tender Calendar
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Upcoming tenders for framework agreements in industrial procurement, bundling volumes of our clients:

Product range
Start date
office supplies tbd
IT hardware tbd
tools tbd
factory equipment tbd
health & safety equipment tbd

Users who participate in an IFAMD tender will realise the following advantages:
  1. The IFAMD operatively executes the tender, including a tender design that is optimised from the perspective of game theory.
  1. Coordinating several customers’ needs produces a larger overall volume, greater leverage through bundling and thus a strong procurement alliance.
  1. The items are procured via Mercateo. Any remuneration for the IFAMD is already contained as an integral part in the auction price

In preparing a tender, we consult in detail with each individual buyer about the set of suppliers to be admitted to the auction. The classical methods of an IFAMD tender are applied: the competitive matrix, a bonus system, and a negotiation and decision process that is individually tailored to each competitive situation and optimised from a game theory perspective. All tenders comply with the IFAMD Certificate, which guarantees adherence to a number of principles motivated by game theory.

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